Tuesday, April 24, 2012

שלל מוצרים חדשים באתר פלונטר.....

They're here Ivy Bridge at Plonter... Boards and CPUs

We've got the Z77 and H77 boards from Intel (Including a Mini-ITX H77) Intel H77 chipset motherboards Intel Z77 chipset motherboards

We got all the new XEON E5-1600 and 2600 Series including Low Voltage models Xeon E5-2600 Series CPUs
Xeon E5-1600 Series CPUs

New motherboards for those E5 CPUs (And barebone systems) Xeon E5 boards and barebones

Nexus new Silent mice (we'll have them in a month) Nexus Silent mice

And the Genius DeathTaker mouse..... Genius DeathTaker GX Gamer mouse

Supply of the CPU starts on the 30/4/2012 but there's a small quantity so please order if you need anything. Some special ones like the T/S/XM are on special order and it can take 2-3 weeks for those Low Voltage/Extreme versions

Box versions comes with Fan and 3 years warranty Tray versions come without fan and 1 year warranty And much more :-) Enjoy

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