Friday, July 6, 2007

7 years ago one of my best friends got a present from me for his birthday.

He loves architecture. And he Loves Bauhaus. so.... I got for him and made him a eMail address :)

I also made a simple design, added some links to other sites and left it to flote on the WWW

2 weeks ago i decided that something need to be done. Every year it cost me to renew the domain and it's time that the site will support itself so...

20 hours of work (While lerning a lot about Bauhaus) and some Adsense, Amazon affiliation program, Photoshop and..... It's not ready :( but it's much better now

Now i add content, more links and in the future it's going to be a nice place to look if you do homework about Bauhaus :)

Y2Work Blog @

Plonter Specials