Sunday, June 6, 2010

Turkish leftists took some pictures.....

Remember Hair (The movie) ?
This is how the peace fighters from Turkey act. The pictures are from a gallery at a well known Turkish newspaper

Lovely pictures of love and smiles from the lovely land of Turkey.....

Love is all we need :-)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Rally to gaza Through my eyes

This post was published by a friend in Hebrew yesterday and just now the writer made an English version.

Enjoy :-)


It started like this


and also like that



  and they were doing



  and it was not clear if they Or they r 


then they went in to a   


  some of them maybe even


          others were practicing




     and some were


                     there were those that look like


                        and the captain look like him


 .                         There was anothe guy like this one  


In the beginning they were quite 



But then when the party become ruogh unexpectedly 




suddenly came 2








    :And it has started to be realy noisy


Some were screaming


and some were

   Others were



and some


    No body was 

There was not a lot off really


At the end all off them were           each other and they found them selfs   
















  But realy all are loosing


Now every one are signing





And actually  it is pretty




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